Siddharth Kerkar was born in a family of artists and had a great exposure to art right from his school days. By the time that he was 18, he had already visited the Venice Biennale thrice and had traveled to many galleries and museums of the world along with his artist father.

Siddharth particularly connects with conceptual works and abstract paintings. He likes to create his work with found materials, he invests them with new ideas, concepts and forms.

Siddharth is closely associated with Museum of Goa where he has access to a large studio which has allowed him to explore a number of media. His works are created with a number of materials like flip-flops , antlers, iron, sawdust, burnt paper etc.

He has finished his foundation course at Central Saint Martins, London and has graduated from Chelsea School of Art. He has already exhibited in some galleries in India and abroad. He is also the founder of Goa Affordable Art Fest which is the largest Affordable Art event of India.

Artist’s Statement

I connect with art which lies on the edge of representative and non representative; art which provides an opportunity to the viewer to explore the frontiers of mystery.

I use found materials and recycled materials as vehicles to arrive at my chosen area of visual explorations. Growing up by the seaside, the ocean has played an important role in giving me materials and inspiration in my practice. 

The physical and metaphysical: I infuse the physical with the metaphysical. 

A piece of driftwood, a piece of broken wooden canoe, a piece bubble wrap, a net, sawdust, sand, cement or a copper plate cease to be what they are and assume new identities, or rather shed their identities and become a part of an abstract visual play. 

This is a transformation- a metamorphosis. Most of the materials are recycled or sometimes even junk. I realized that it is possible to create art using anything, virtually anything; One has to only give it a new visual content. 

My creative process is a rebellion against established norms and also a statement towards sustainability. I know that using a few pieces of discarded materials won’t create a huge difference to the planet. However, the works will communicate a message as art plays an important role in spreading new ideas.

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Curriculum Vitae

Group: 2012/ Gallery Attic, Goa, India.

Group: 2014/ ‘Draw the line’ Sunaparanta Centre for Arts, Goa, India.

Group: 2014/ ‘Janela’, Kochi Muziris Biennale (Collateral), Kochi, India.

Group: 2016/ Art Bengaluru Art Fair, Bengaluru, India.

Group: 2016/ Museum of Goa, India.

Group: 2017/ Candid Arts Trust, London.

Group: 2017/ Algarve Artist Network Art Ex, Portugal.

Group: 2017/ Affordable Art Fest, Museum of Goa, India.

Group: 2017/ Sarita Handa, ID Satellite, Mumbai, India.

Group: 2018/ The Project Cafe, Goa, India.

Solo: 2018/ Scapes at Museum of Goa, India.

Group: 2018/ Multifarious Art Explore, Delhi, India.

Group: 2019/ Shred, Lotus Studio, London.

Group: 2022/ Sarita Handa, Delhi, India.

Group: 2022/ Color Me Blue, Art Positive, Delhi, India.

Group: 2022/ Art and Design Show, Lodha Luxury, Mumbai, India.

Group: 2022/ Life is Better in Black and White, Art Positive, Delhi, India.

Group: 2022/ Gallarie Nvya, Delhi, India.

Group: 2022/ Posthumous dialogues with F. N. Souza, Museum of Goa, India

Group: 2022/ Post the Pause, Lodha Luxury, Mumbai, India.

Group: 2022/ 0832, Museum of Goa, India.